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"Gann Signs: Title-Bible-Tetragrams"- how to use bible codes and basic astrology to unravel Gann's 1927 prophetic novel, "Tunnel thru the Air."

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AstroTrading eBook Package: "Cardinal Astrographs...easy trading tools and Gann Signs: Title-Bible-Tetragrams" PLUS BONUS Trading plan...wozzat??

Cardinal Astrographs...easy trading tools
Author Paul Yogi Nipperess
Published 2002
No. of Pages 196
Format Flipping Book

Cardinal Astrographs…easy trading tools 
was written for keen students
studying TIME cycles;in the marketplace.
Condensed from 93MB of notes,
this text has 196 pages and is presented in Flipping Book format.
Requires latest version of the FREE Adobe Flashplayer. 
This workbook is presented in the same A4 size,
as the author’s BONUS ebook 'Trading Plan ... wozzat?',
allowing for full page text and Metastock price charts to be printed,
as required.
In all there's more than 35 price charts and Solafire astrocharts,
dials and tables to graphically clarify all the important points
introduced in the text.
Essentially this book is a primer for traders,
who wish to employ the cosmic clock in their
trading analysis.

NO in-depth KNOWLEDGE of astrology is required
to master the various techniques that the author
presents on this CD.

Now traders have the knowledge to use the time
axis, with the same confidence that they have
become accustomed to, whilst using the price
axis of their charts.
The following group was established for owners of :
Cardinal Astrographs....easy trading tools
Part of the support offered by this group is the
detailed technical analysis and astro-analysis of
selected stocks and commodities.
Please note, that this package of eBooks is
NOT AVAILABLE to Australian traders

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Gann Signs: Title-Bible-Tetragrams
Author Paul Yogi Nipperess
Published 2004
No. of Pages 178
Format Flipping book
Gann Signs: Title-Bible-Tetragrams
Gann Signs:Title-Bible-Tetragrams unravels Gann's coded messages in his book, Tunnel Thru the Air. Decoding of these messages has finally revealed how Gann linked the power of astrology to market analysis.
Here's a story that began 2000 years ago
and has been unfolding, ever since…
Gann Traders will love it, astrologers will be amazed, Gann peddlers will hate it and Christians will be very much divided about this text...whichever way you look at the "new" bible codes, you will never look at a Bible in the same way— ever again!
May 2005 marked exactly 78 years, since
W D Gann started to write his book,
"Tunnel thru the Air or looking back from 1940."
Gann was a respected stocks and commodities
trader in the early part of the 20th century and he
found certain time cycles, by decoding the bible,
using the starcodes, found in the King James
version of the bible.
He also considered that information too sensitive
to be made public in 1927, so he used the same
bible codes to hide that information in his book,
Tunnel thru the Air ...
It is very appropriate then, that the writing of
Gann Signs: Title-Bible-Tetragrams was completed
in May 2004.
While researching material for this work it became
quite apparent to the author, that Gann was simply a
messenger, owing much of his knowledge to
Sepharial and other contemporaries of his day.
Author’s Note: Looking back, it is now easy to appreciate why
Gann chose not to reveal his findings in the Bible,
instead he used the same starcodes to hide
his methods, until the world was ready for them.
He may well have been branded a raving lunatic in
1927, if he had publicly revealed this information ... :)
Unambiguous proof of HOW Gann used the bible
codes and astrology in his trading, is now available,
in this AstroTraders' package.
'Gann Signs: Title-Bible-Tetragrams' was
released on Robert Gordon's birthday ... :)
To give you an idea of 'Gann Signs: Title-Bible-Tetragrams' contents,
here's a breakdown of the main sections:- updated look at the TTTTA Foreword
and some basics relating to Gann and Sepharial.

Bible…Sepharial's work and why Gann pointed
us towards that astrologer's books and others, too.

Also, "NEW" bible codes that reveal exactly what
Gann found in the bible and how to apply them to
the decoding of TTTTA and other texts.

Tetragrams...More about decoding the texts and
how Gann made his amazing forecasts, in TTTTA.

Practical Astrotrading 1...the author uses Gann's own charts
to explain how he applied that information to his own
trading... in great detail.

Practical Astrotrading 2...the author takes a look at that
same market, about 45 years onwards, to verify that
those same methods can also be applied to modern
commodity markets.

Practical Astrotrading's an example of
how these methods are applied to the stockmarket,
using current examples.

Practical Astrotrading 4...further examples of
applying the planetary cycles to modern markets.

Practical Astrotrading 5...more trading examples.

Practical Astrotrading 6...more trading examples.

Practical Astrotrading 7...more practical astrotools.
Loose Ends...tying all the relevant ends together
and further insight into future Gann Signs
coverage, like the Gann's individual trading campaigns.
Afterword... a final word from the author.

The author also takes a look ahead at specific astrological events,
in the future and some suggestions on how to analyse
many more of Gann's bible references.

Milestones and messengers...a brief look at the SnP500 astrochart.

In will never need to speculate about
"how-Gann-did-it", ever again.
Like Gann, the author’s role was simply as a messenger.
However, unlike Gann, his writing is not in any sort of code,
because NOW the world IS ready for this information,
so ‘Gann Signs: Title-Bible-Tetragrams’
has been presented in plain and simple English.

In fact, the world needs this information, NOW.

These details will have you looking at the wisdom
of the bible and other old texts in a new light.
There's a LOT of simple mathematics and geometry
in this eBook, so BE WARNED, up front.
This eBook is sure to be seen as a
pioneering effort in reviving an old branch
of mathematics, that has been long-forgotten,
with the advent of modern technology.

TTTTA and some books on his reading list were
the ONLY publications, where Gann gave the author
sufficient information, to prove that he used
astrology in his trading.

Author's Note: Using Gann's original material, it can now
be proven, beyond doubt, that he used the
cosmic clock to trade stocks and commodities.

Truth is, Gann told us to read other astrologers'
works to find the answers and really, that
relegated Gann to the role of messenger, albeit
that he used that information in his trading.

Astrologers like Sepharial, Raphael, William Allan
and Dr L Broughton, probably all contributed to
Gann's knowledge of planetary cycles.

One thing is guaranteed, if you have a basic
understanding of astrology, you will never
look at the bible (or other old texts) in the
same way...ever again.

If you DO NOT like simple mathematics and geometry,
you will hate Gann's work (and mine).
To help gain a better understanding of astrology,
simple mathematics and geometry, associated with
the Harmony of the Spheres, this package has
additional details on our support forum,
included in the price.
‘Gann Signs:Title-Bible-Tetragrams’ support forum:

Please note, that this package of eBooks is
NOT AVAILABLE to Australian traders.

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Before trading, have a plan. Not important whether it was developed by you or it came from a book, 
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Topics covered in this eBook are:

  • Trading for a living
  • Are you trading markets or emotions
  • Hope & fear
  • Which market?
  • Technical analysis
  • Candles
  • Harami
  • Entry strategy
  • Exit strategy
  • More issues that a trader needs to address
  • Money management
  • Setting stop loss levels
  • Time stops
  • Daytrading (time cycles and direction) and much more…
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"Gann Signs: Title-Bible-Tetragrams" and BONU Trading plan... Wozzat?? eBook
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When you receive the CD, email the security code to us,
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the PDF files on the CD. This level of security ensures that
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SOME WARNINGS - up front from the Authur:

Before you get too keen about astro time
cycles and Gann's work .....

1) If you do NOT like simple maths and geometry,
then Gann's work (or mine) is not for you.

2) If you are looking for INSTANT trading answers
and software, then Gann's methods (or mine) are
NOT what you are seeking.

3) Studying these methods will open up a new
realm of study that will last a LIFETIME,
as these time cycles can be used to anticipate
changes in all parts of our lives, not just
the sharemarket.

If you DO NOT have the DISCIPLINE to STUDY
and APPLY these MANUAL methods, then please
invest your money elsewhere.

4) No library readers = no refunds available.

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"TIME and knowledge, our scarcest commodities ..!!" - yogi